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On Christmas eve 2020, the UK and EU announced that they had reached an agreement for a draft EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA). The agreement allows personal data to continue to flow freely from the EU/EEA to the UK for up to 6 months after 1 January 2021, or until an adequacy decision for the UK is adopted (whichever is earlier). 


How PrivacyPerfect can help

PrivacyPerfect empowers organisations with customisable and scalable solutions for responding to Brexit in terms of data protection, ensuring compliance with the GDPR. Headquartered in the EU, we store all user data in the Netherlands, are ISO27001-certified and only use reliable parties for our services.


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Solutions within the PrivacyPerfect Software

PrivacyPerfect has embedded several solutions into its software to help facilitate the adjustments necessary in regard to data protection as a consequence of the UK leaving the European Union.


Map Processing Activities with the PrivacyPerfect Processing Inventory

  • Easily map out and inventory the flow of personal data being transferred between the EEA and UK
  • See exactly how data flows via auto-generated reports & visualisations

Identify and Evaluate Transfer Mechanisms

  • Evaluate which organisations receive personal data from you, and where they are located
  • Effortlessly pinpoint which recipients are in countries outside the EEA, such as will be the case for the UK
  • Identify and leverage auto-generated reports on which transfer mechanisms you have in place for UK recipients

Designate and Manage Representatives

  • Painlessly record your representatives in PrivacyPerfect's registers 
  • Actively involve and manage your representatives’ efforts for your privacy administration and DSR handling through PrivacyPerfect 
  • You do not have a representative yet? We have an extensive network that you can leverage for your search.

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Brexit Checklists

To help you prepare and brace your organisation for the changes to come as the UK exits the European Union, we have prepared a comprehensive list of key things to check up on, wherever your organisation may be located.



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