The PrivacyPerfect cookie compliance & consent management module offers a centralised location where you can gain a clear overview and manage the consent preferences provided by your data subjects, complying with obligations of GDPR Article 6a.

PrivacyPerfect Cookie Compliance Solution

The PrivacyPerfect Cookie Compliance Solution offers an easy, user-friendly and fully customisable way to comply with the relevant obligations under the GDPR.


The Cookie Banner Solution of PrivacyPerfect is fully flexible and customisable tothe preferences of the organisation, including:


Setting the preferred languages of the banner
Defining default options such as ‘Essential’ that are always clicked yes
Adding any options suitable specifically for the organisation
Adding links to the banner such as that of Privacy Policy
Tailoring consent pop-ups and bars in their look and feel

Users can choose to opt-in to everything, opt-out of everything, choose their preferences to what they give consent to, or ignore the cookie banner completely. In each case, their actions will be registered directly within your connected website analytics solution.



PrivacyPerfect Consent Management Solution

The PrivacyPerfect Consent Management Solution offers a centralised, integrated and fully customisable system for collecting and processing consent and data requests of Loyalty program users, with respects to the GDPR and other privacy regulations.


  • Manage compliance through all intake forms displayed on their website or within their application synched to their central consent management platform.
  • See a complete overview of consents and data requests within one centralised platform, integrated with other modules such as the PrivacyPerfect Data Subject Request module, making the process quicker and further streamlined.
  • Follow closely and gather data on consent for each individual, including what they have given consent for and when, through if they have withdrawn their consent for something and when, to if they have decided to ignore the consent banner.
  • Allow users to opt-out entirely by just providing their email address, or update their consent preferences at any given time, which is then automatically updated and registered in the consent platform.
  • Monitor and analyse how users are responding regarding what type of activities they consent to and how their preferences change over time.