The Data Subject Request module of PrivacyPerfect makes the handling of data subject requests easier, faster, and more efficient within your organisation, regardless of the size of your team. It's been built and designed based on the guidance documents of national supervisory authorities and the European Data Protection Board (EDPB).


Evaluate your needs.
When should you add the Data Subject Request module?
  • If handling data subject requests is a time-consuming process within your organisation
  • In case you have over 20 processing activities within your organisation
  • If the personal data processed by your organisation is sensitive
  • In case your organisation processes personal data on a large scale but does not have exact procedures in place for handling data subject requests

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Handle all types of requests from one tool.
Shorten the process of responding to DSRs

After the request has been received, the process can be managed from PrivacyPerfect, including the registration of the request, validating the request type, identifying the processing activities involved, and initiating follow-up actions.

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Enjoy a smoother process.
Automatically identify relevant records

Responding to a request is made easier with all related processings being stored in one tool, as all associated data sources, data recipients, and their placement throughout the organisation's data flows can be detected with just a click of a button.

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Ensure protection of requester data.
Additional security measures

Ensure that the security and protection of requester data processed by your organisation is up to standard via additional security measures implemented, such as optional masking of data and configuring data retention terms.

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Save costs.

Since any department may receive a data subject request, it's important that the process of notifying the privacy professional about the request is quick and painless. That's why collaboration on responding to requests is possible from within the PrivacyPerfect tool, including automated notifications, reminders, and approval requests, among others.

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