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Using PrivacyPerfect for for your privacy management services

Discover GDPR compliance made easy.


How does it look in practice?


One secure platform for the privacy management of several clients

No more switching between inefficient 250 row spreadsheets per client. Manage all your client administrations from one tool.

Create separate environments for the privacy administration of each of your clients and seamlessly switch between them from within one, secure, certified platform. With built-in structure and security that ensures that clients will never be able to access each other's privacy data. 



Access to the complete package

Your DPO gets access to the entire PrivacyPerfect solution, making all daily privacy processes quicker, easier, and more efficient, for an affordable price. We also provide full technical support.
Data Mapping, Processing Inventory, Data Protection Impact Assessment, Incident and Breach Register, Data Subject Requests, Reports. An extensive library of templates with hundreds of the most commonly used processings for each sector and business role, checklists, and thousands of the most common data items used for assessments are available for use, free of charge.  You will never have extra costs for additional features that we already had in place. 


See for yourself why and how PrivacyPerfect can help


Stay in full control

Provide clients access to their privacy environment. Or don't. Decide what your clients can see and can edit. Decide which automations to use during the daily privacy management of your clients, and which ones not to.
Through providing our users with flexibility and customisation in our software, DPOs can decide themselves where they want to use the built-in high-level automation during their work, and where they would rather not.
With the given sensitive nature of data protection, we want to ensure that our users remain in full control at all times, but always have the option to make their daily work more efficient and quicker, with less manual work.

Start small, extend as you grow

We are offering our proven market leading compliance solution for an affordable price that has been specifically tailored to the typical business model DPO as a Service providers. 
Do you want to try out how PrivacyPerfect can help but not sure how to cover your costs and convince your clients yet? Start off with our 5 client package, and enjoy more discounts as you grow. Use our ready-made materials to assure your clients about your decision, we will fully assist you in the process.
We tailor all of offerings and pricing to your individual situation so that we both get the most optimal results out of our partnership. If you'd like to learn more about our pricing, please reach out to us via info@privacyperfect.com.

Discover how PrivacyPerfect can empower your business