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Meet Laurens, chief operating officer of PrivacyPerfect. Ain’t that a fancy job title? Well, it means an easy excuse for others to denote activities as ‘part of the operation’. Laurens won’t complain though. He just sighs or rolls his eyes. Although he might appear to be somewhat cranky at first, some people who have known him for a longer time deny he is.

Meet Evert, CEO of PrivacyPerfect. Evert has been married for over 35 years. From doing two full-time jobs at the same time when he was eighteen to provide for his young family, he later had various positions in the Rotterdam harbour, in the automotive industry and, in the late nineties, became a succesful sales manager at Logica.

Meet Bas, a cultural anthropologist who became a consultant with our company. During his studies, he went to Australia and Indonesia to study the indigenous peoples. We got to know him when he walked into the home of our CEO (Evert) as a hired driver, years ago, when he was still studying. He became our colleague in our previous venture.

PrivacyPerfect proudly presents: a one-minute animation showing what we do and why we do it. How will you handle the obligations from the General Data Protection Regulation?

This brief animation shows how PrivacyPerfect helps you to attain transparency, accountability and compliance: watch the video.

PrivacyPerfect is pleased to announce that international retailing group Ahold (Albert Heijn, Etos,, Gall & Gall) has decided to start using PrivacyPerfect to maintain an inventory of processings of personal data.

Anticipating to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), keeping such an inventory will be obligatory throughout the European Union. PrivacyPerfect’s software tool further allows Ahold to keep an overview of its ‘privacy landscape’ using advanced data mapping techniques.

Prof. dr. mr. G.J. Zwenne is a lawyer, professor and leading privacy expert


PrivacyPerfect supports compliance with European privacy legislation

The 37th International Privacy Conference took place from 26 – 29 October 2015 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

During the conference we discussed the Privacy Bridges project.Nineteen renowned privacy experts from the US and the EU have developed ten practical proposals to increase the transatlantic level of protection of personal data. Most proposals can be implemented within existing different legal systems and are applicable worldwide.

On the 29th of September PrivacyPerfect was represented by Evert de Pender on the nineth edition of the Entrepreneurs breakfast hosted bij the VNO-NCW metropool Amsterdam. The breakfast was led by Marry de Gaay Fortman, chairman of the VNO-NCW metropool Amsterdam. PrivacyPerfect was granted the opportunity to illustrate the attendees how our system enables organizations to get an insight in all the different data flows within the organization.