Our Partners

Data Privacy Trust (DPT)

Data Privacy Trust (DPT) is a specialist provider of GDPR software solutions and DPO consultancy services. Their IAPP CIPP/E certified consultants have practical experience and subject-matter expertise to address any GDPR issues. 


+31 020 808 20 31


The consulting company Beluga offers solutions for their clients tailored to their expectations and realities for more than ten years. Attempting to understand real needs and focusing on addressing specific issues in the context of the whole organization is a proven approach of the company to management consulting aimed at improving business performance and for consulting and audit services to manage IT risks, information security, data protection in relation with GDPR and privacy in line with another regulatory requirements.


+421 2/209 069 55


ESOMAR is the global voice of the data, research and insights community, representing over 6000 individual professionals and 600 companies who provide or commission data analytics and research in over 130 countries, all of whom agree to uphold the ICC/ESOMAR International Code.Our goal is to set and promote professional standards and self-regulation for our sector and encourage, advance and advocate the role and value of data analytics, market and opinion research.

+31 20 664 2141


Moja Rada

Moja Rada advises and supports SMEs in the GDPR field. Among other things, you can go for a GDPR quick scan, have DPIAs carried out and implement tools such as PrivacyPerfect. You can also hire Moja Rada as an external Data Protection Officer.

+31 620 44 13 48 


PMA provide practical support to help you manage all aspects of GDPR compliance. This includes audits, policies, training and being a Data Protection Officer. 

+44 7905 791340 

PMP Partners

Just as with a financial administration, the implementation of your privacy administration also requires special attention in order for it to properly adapt to your organisation and your processes. Privacy Management Partners helps you to get to know, use and configure the application and, if necessary, familiarises itself with the privacy concepts and the privacy-related legal answers to your processes.

+31 085 401 38 66


PrivaLegal specialises in privacy and IT law. Besides the support for setting up your PrivacyPerfect environment, we give advice on all GDPR-related issues and provide training about privacy.

+31 6 4398 4797


Quodata Privacy Services

Quodata Privacy Services offers (legal) expert advice and training in the field of privacy and data protection. We help our clients with the configuration and use of PrivacyPerfect - at the same time embedding and enhancing privacy awareness within their organization.

+31 6 190 195 50

The Trust Bridge

The Trust Bridge™ offers organisations a unique combination of expertise and practical advice, combined with independently accredited training. Our range of services are designed to ensure that we deliver trusted, compliant, secure services to our customers, clients and members, operating at all the touchpoints of GDPR and Data Privacy regulation, PECR and linked e-privacy laws. Our independently accredited online learning courses are helping any senior managers and their employees dealing with data to understand the complexities of the new data privacy regulations. 

+44 207 1755 882


Timelex is the GDPR partner for numerous multinationals, governments and organisations in Europe and beyond. On top of supporting compliance with the registration requirement, Timelex experts also offer DPO services, awareness trainings and advice, including on the interpretation of the rights of data subjects as well as composing data protection impact assessments.

+32 2 893 20 95


Weblimits is a software supplier and consultancy firm. Since 2015 they help customers to improve their privacy governance. Their CIPP/E certified consultants use their knowledge to help companies become GDPR compliant

+31 020 682 43 66