Checklist: Data privacy and security concerns while working-from-home 

Most organisations have opted to ask employees to work from home/remotely given the official guidance and precautions surrounding COVID-19. This also means that additional measures have to be taken to protect data and privacy-sensitive information. 


Check if you have completed all the recommended steps to reduce risk of an incident:

Responsibilities for dealing with the current crisis have been        allocated.
A set of secure tools to work together with colleagues and           stakeholders has been decided upon.
Employees working from home are using company devices, or their personal devices are well secured.
Employees working from home are not using unsecured internet connections, including shared or public WiFi.
Employees working from home have been instructed not to access or use any confidential data if they are not authorised to do so. 
Employees working from home have been trained on what to do in case of a data breach.







If you struggle to get back in control and need support, please reach out to us by sending a message below. We can set up your privacy registers in 1-2 weeks remotely.