The PrivacyPerfect Compliance Solution


Empower your privacy program with one, smart, easy-to-use, secure tool, with integrated automation to help perform all your compliance tasks, simplifying your data protection efforts.


→ Processing Inventory               → Data Subject Requests
→ Assessment Manager              → Vendor Management 
→ Data Breach Register               → Reporting & Insights



The PrivacyPerfect solution consists of 5 key modules


Processing Inventory


Tame your data and build a robust foundation for compliance

The Processing Inventory module of PrivacyPerfect is designed to help organisations comply with the Article 30 obligations of the GDPR. Set-up your organisational hierarchy, and see how data flows.


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Assessment Manager


Carry out assessments quicker and more efficiently 

The Assessment Manager of PrivacyPerfect holds extensive functionality and built-in automation for pre-assessments, complete data protection impact assessments, and for collaboration on these records.


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Data Breach Register

Have the right resources at hand if a data breach hits

With the Data Breach Register module of PrivacyPerfect, your organisation can comply with the GDPR through keeping a register of both reported and unreported security incidents. 


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Data Subject Requests


Optimise your DSR process

The Data Subject Request module of PrivacyPerfect makes the handling of data subject requests easier, faster, and more efficient within your organisation, regardless of the size of your team. It's been built and designed based on the guidance documents of national supervisory authorities and the EDPB.


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Vendor Risk Management 



Audit & manage your vendors 

The Vendor Management module of PrivacyPerfect is designed to provide a quick and efficient way to assess the level of privacy compliance of third-party organisations. Analyse, monitor, audit, manage, and control risks associated with third parties your organisation is working with or planning to work with.


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Communicate securely & automate 



Data templates, libraries, APIs for ease-of-use

Message Center 

Communicate internally in regard to your privacy administration, attaching relevant privacy records from the software.


→ Set reminders, notifications, tasks, approval procedures, workflows and email updates for yourself and others.

Gain insight

Gain insight into the requests, questions, and new inputs of all users and departments.





Collaborate on DPIAs with other departments

Get the input that you need with the 'non-legal' Assessment Manager

Set up and tailor to your needs what fields become visible and need to be filled out by non-legal departments, and provide them with your own help texts.

Make it easier for non-legal departments with Question View

Take advantage of the pre-set 'Question view', showing a much simpler, less legal-heavy framework for DPIAs.

Ensure that all stakeholders know the what and when 

→  Ensure that the input you receive is complete and in time with automatic reminders, guided fill-out, and assigned tasks.

Free templates

→ Leverage role-specific and sector-specific processing templates with hundreds of items already included.

DPIA Library*

→ Save a significant amount of time on manual work by using a large collection of the most common and useful pre-defined record and data items for assessments.


Ensure that you never have to enter data twice: leverage our free API integrations or have a custom-made API made for your organisation specifically.



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Report, import, update, export, with a click of a button

Import & update data in bulk

→ Import your data in bulk, the software will automatically identify which information should be pulled in for which fields. Update several privacy records at once.

Report on your data protection activities

Create custom reports, setting the exact conditions and filters for each report. Or use the built-in report templates for any type of privacy record.

Export your privacy records in pre-designed PDF files

→ Export your processing and assessment records to a pre-designed PDF, ready to be presented right away, under your own branding.


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