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This white paper describes the steps your organisation can take in order to prepare for and handle data breach notifications under the GDPR. Articles 33 and 34 specify the cases in which your organisation has to register a breach, notify it to the supervisory authority or communicate it to the data subject (the natural persons affected by the breach).

Alles wat u moet weten in 7 stappen

AVG compliant worden kan een lastige klus zijn, maar PrivacyPerfect helpt u graag uit de brand! Om u op weg te helpen hebben wij een 7-stappen guide ontwikkeld. Hierin staat stap voor stap uitgelegd wat u moet doen om AVG-compliant te worden met uw organisatie.

We beweren niet dat het makkelijk is, maar met deze 7 stappen het is zeker haalbaar. Voor meer inzicht bevat de guide ook een infographic die precies weergeeft welke (interne en externe) belanghebbenden en bronnen nodig zijn voor de verplichte inventarisaties.

This 5-minute animation video offers a quick tour of the PrivacyPerfect GDPR compliance solution, including administration of processing records and assessment records.

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Learn how to become GDPR compliant with the three mandatory administrations for processing activities, data protection impact assessments and data breaches.

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PrivacyPerfect offers the ultimate GDPR compliance toolkit.

In its new version, it provides a natural flow between the three administrations required by the new Regulation: data protection impact assessments, processings (including transfers), and data breaches (including breach notifications to supervisory authorities and data subjects).


The introduction of the new PrivacyPerfect software is accompanied by a new leaflet highlighting the relation between the four administrations required under the GDPR:

  • Those for data protection impact assessments under art. 35 GDPR,
  • Prior consultations under art. 36 GDPR,
  • Processing records under art. 30 GDPR and
  • Data breaches under art. 33/34 GDPR.

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On the occasion of the end-March release of our new software, PrivacyPerfect proudly presents its second infographic: ‘A three step process to gain overview of your privacy landscape’.

The infographic is available in the following languages:

Download the PrivacyPerfect summary of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

With this one-page summary you can reveal the intimacy of your organization. The summary contains:

This single-page summary of the GDPR shows which rights and obligations your organisation is subject to, relative to the supervisory authority and the data subject (If you prefer the 88 page full text of the GDPR, you can find it here).

PrivacyPerfect has made an inventory of the most relevant opportunities offered to EU Member States to issue their own legislation and measures under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In the extensive Regulation there is a significant number of exceptions to the generic regime. The updated version of this whitepaper provides an overview of these, with the new article numbering from the final GDPR version.