Privacy compliance & risk management solution tailored to small and medium enterprises

PrivacyPerfect's SME Solution is tailored to the compliance needs of small and medium enterprises, with an intuitive, user-friendly software solution for GDPR or CCPA compliance. Included in the SME Solution package are exactly what you may need for easy compliance, without extra complex functionalities, but with the possibility to upgrade at any time. 

Processing inventory with pre-defined framework that guides you through what you need to register for compliance for each activity as per the GDPR and based on EDPB guidelines, with automatic risk identification.

Pre-assessments with smart automation that helps quickly determine whether a processing poses high risks and would require a full DPIA or not. 

Message Centre that makes collaboration on your privacy programs simple and centralised from within the tool, including messaging, tasks, approval workflows, and notifications. 

 Custom reporting where reports can be compiled based on your custom criteria, and shared with key stakeholders internally or externally.

Knowledge hub to guide you through setting up quickly and using PrivacyPerfect the best and most efficient way possible. 

The possibility to purchase the package online, in your own pace, including a 14 days gratis period.


By 2023, 65% of the world’s population will have its personal information covered under modern privacy regulations, up from 10% today. (Gartner)

The PrivacyPerfect Compliance Solution

Empower your privacy program with one, smart, easy-to-use, secure tool, with integrated automation to help perform all your compliance tasks, simplifying your data protection efforts.

The PrivacyPerfect SME Solution

The PrivacyPerfect SME solution reflects on the exact needs of small and medium enterprises that wish to become compliant in an easy, scalable manner without complex features, a large investment, or a lengthy sales process.

The SME Solution includes the below modules and features and is available through a simple few step online purchase.

Processing Inventory

Keeping a processing register is the core of your compliance activities.

 Comply with the Article 30 obligations of the GDPR through PrivacyPerfect's easy to use, scalable, and automated Processing Inventory module

 Automatically identify potential risks within your register with the smart automatic risk detection feature

 Collaborate on records by dedicating tasks, communicating, and getting the input you need from other departments, directly in the solution


Pre-assessment for your processing activities, with guidance & smart automation. 

 Smart automation that helps quickly determine whether a processing requires a full DPIA

Pre-designed framework for pre-assessments, based on the guidelines of the European Data Protection Board

 Approval request workflow and easy communication on pre-assessments from within the tool

Reporting & Documents

Easy reporting, visualisation and document management directly from the tool.

Upload and store documents such as internal policies & procedures, data processing agreements or contracts and re-use the information in relevant records

 Create custom reports, setting the exact conditions and filters for each report. Or use the built-in report templates for any type of privacy record

 Use the data-web to visualise your organisation, processing activities or pre-assessments

Knowledge Hub & Online Purchase

Purchase online and kick off your compliance quickly with the Knowledge Hub.

 Kick start your compliance quickly through the included PrivacyPerfect knowledge hub that helps you get the most of the solution, in your own pace 

 Look up the answers to any questions you might come across using PrivacyPerfect, walk through guides for each feature, and read exclusive content to help you with GDPR compliance

 Purchase the solution online using a credit card, including a 14 days gratis period

Try now free for 14 days, and easily purchase online, in your own pace