The Processing Inventory module of PrivacyPerfect is designed to help organisations comply with the obligations of the GDPR and CCPA and includes smart-automation and workflows, in order to support transformation towards a global privacy program.


Data mapping and inventory

Get full control.
Data Mapping and inventory for GDPR & CCPA

All roads to compliance begin with an up-to-date, complete processing register. With our Processing Inventory module, you can attain and remain in full control of your organisation’s privacy governance. Map out and inventory the flow of personal data being processed within your organisation, and create an overview of all existing personal data processing activities in your organisation.


Adding new processing records

Take advantage of pre-defined options.
Adding new processing records for GDPR or/and CCPA

Easily add any new processing activities with the help of the PrivacyPerfect software and comply with all article 30 obligations. Assign processor roles within your processing records for CCPA compliance, such as Contractor, Service Provider or Third-party vendor. The processing and transfer grounds based on the regulations are uploaded in the software as pre-defined options, from which you can choose the correct one for your processing. 

Reuse relevant information

Leverage automation.
Reusing relevant information

As creating new processing activities can sometimes be a rather manual task, we have implemented smart automation to reuse relevant information components wherever possible.

Risks identified ahead of time

Use smart algorithms.
Automatically identifying risks ahead of time

With PrivacyPerfect, potential risks can also be automatically identified within your added processings, and these can addressed based on the general guidance displayed for each specific risk.


Spread awareness.
Easy reporting

Search, filter, export, import, and report on any and all processing activities registered within your PrivacyPerfect tenant with a click of a button.

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