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Our privacy solution enables your organisation to enter and assess relevant privacy records, including processing activities, assessments, and data breaches, ensuring the proper handling of personal data within your organisation. 

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PrivacyPerfect Dashboard & Environment

The PrivacyPerfect Dashboard and Environment pages enable you to attain and remain in full control of your organisation’s privacy governance; structure your organisation, create users, adjust settings, and monitor workflow in three mandatory privacy registers.

The Dashboard shows unclaimed tasks, unread notifications, and identified risks, an overview of registered records, and the countries involved. On the Environment page, you can manage your building blocks, these are used to create privacy records and map your data in a consistent manner.

Additionally, through options on these tabs, you may also choose to invite anyone in your organization, or external parties for collaboration within the software.

Processings in PrivacyPerfect

With our easy-to-use GDPR software, you can create an overview of all existing personal data processing activities in your organisation, add new processing activities, reuse relevant information components, or fill in new values.

PrivacyPerfect also enables you to comply with all article 30 obligations by providing general information, stakeholders, processed data, legal qualifications, and attachments. With PrivacyPerfect, you can automatically identify risks in the processing description and address these by the click of a button.

GDPR processing and transfer grounds have been pre-filled in the system for you, and can be selected by a simple click. It also shows a graphical view of a processing activity for more insight.  Additionally, it allows you to quickly filter and search in all processing activities, and create management reports.

Assessments in PrivacyPerfect

According to the GDPR, a DPIA, or assessment, has to be carried out if a processing activity constitutes a high risk for the data subject in the absence of mitigating measures. As a DPO, organising these assessments is often a major challenge.

PrivacyPerfect helps you manage stakeholders contributions in the assessment process. It follows all the steps required by the GDPR as well as the guidance issued by the EDPB and supervisory authorities.

Further to assessing the necessity of performing an assessment, PrivacyPerfect allows the assessment of risks regarding necessity and proportionality, data subject rights, security controls, threats and impacts, and accountability.

Incidents & Data Breaches

Data breaches happen. That’s why it is best to be prepared by having a proper inventory tool to assess, manage and notify data breaches when and if they occur. With PrivacyPerfect, you can also draw from existing data processing inventories to determine the consequences of a breach.

In the case of a breach, you will also be required to get in touch with internal and external stakeholders. PrivacyPerfect allows you to use these assets and determine, on a central level, whether an incident needs to be reported to the supervisory authority and the concerned data subject.

As a register of breaches is always obligatory, even unnotified breaches should be kept together with information about the decision making process. With PrivacyPerfect, you can embed the workflow of incident and data breach inventory inside your organisation.

Imports & Reports

You can easily import your legacy data (or systems), and personal data inventories into the software with the help of our support team. Moreover, once you have your registers in place, you can configure and download any type of report you want.

Configurable reports allow you to define any type of query you might have, such as the use of processing ground ‘data subject consent’, the fact that data is transferred to a country outside the EEA, or processing activities involving special categories of personal data.

The contents of the report itself are configurable too, letting you choose your own selection of fields for export. Alternatively, you can also do a full export of data from one of the three PrivacyPerfect registers.