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Do you have a new employee who you want to receive a proper introduction to PrivacyPerfect? Or do you want to make sure that you get the most out of using the PrivacyPerfect solution? Or just need a bit of support in setting up your privacy administration? 

Together with our expert partners, we offer various training courses. 


Introduction training  - PrivacyPerfect

Everyone who is going to use PrivacyPerfect for the first time can participate in this training. During the training, we will go through all modules of the application and the participant will learn how to use PrivacyPerfect in the most efficient and optimal way.

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Get more out of PrivacyPerfect

Each organisation has their own policy around privacy, and their own challenges. During this training, a PrivacyPerfect expert will visit your company, and will look at your individual situation to see, together with your team, how you can get even more out of using the PrivacyPerfect solution. 

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Support in implementing your privacy policy 

The use of software is just a part of the entire privacy policy of your organisation. That is why we are offering the opportunity to utilize the network of PrivacyPerfect for assistance or improvement of your privacy governance, in a way, that it fits your needs the best. 

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