About PrivacyPerfect

PrivacyPerfect is a renowned legal-tech organisation headquartered in The Netherlands, providing privacy compliance solutions to an international market successfully for nearly a decade now.

We provide our clients with a proven software solution for easy GDPR compliance, that simplifies privacy related tasks and makes the regulatory compliance process easier and smoother. Our high-end software provides a solution for all primary data privacy needs, empowering privacy professionals worldwide with built-in smart automation, to perform their tasks easier, quicker, more accurately, and more efficiently.

We believe in the people-process-technology methodology, and keep this on top of mind in everything we do, from product development, through our sales efforts, to client management.

Serving over 2000 users of world-renowned organisations daily, our ambition is to contribute to a world where people trust businesses through offering organisations an easy-to-use software for compliance. 

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Founded in 2013


2000+ Users Worldwide

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60 000+ Records Processed

Why PrivacyPerfect?

Easy to use, automated, intuitive, and secure

PrivacyPerfect offers an easy-to-use, intuitive privacy compliance solution, with large-scale smart automation throughout, making everyday privacy tasks easier and quicker.

No complex functionalities that you might not even use. PrivacyPerfect's solution has exactly what you need to be compliant while simplifying your data protection efforts. 

Fully European based and ISO-certified, with local support, onboarding, and trainings, developed by privacy experts.

Extensive experience, on an international market

With nearly a decade of experience on an international market, PrivacyPerfect is used by both SMEs and market-leading organisations for privacy compliance.

While 80% of PrivacyPerfect’s clients are now from the Western-European marketlarge and small organisations from all over the world have trusted the company with their privacy compliance tooling.

From Japan through Dubai, PrivacyPerfect has been able to tailor and localise its services to the market needs of each client.

Proven track record of excellence and industry experience

PrivacyPerfect has the opportunity to provide services to both SMEs and market leading organisations around the world.

Serving hundreds of clients around the world, PrivacyPerfect is used daily by 2000+ privacy professionals and privacy champions.

Extensive experience with organisations from the Information Technology, Finance, Leisure, Retail, Transport, Telecommunications, Education, Public, Consultancy, Legal Services, and Healthcare sectors.

Customer centric approach in the heart of the business

PrivacyPerfect prides itself in providing tailored support to clients, and makes sure each request is met with quick and easy solutions.

Besides onboarding sessions, free monthly trainings, dedicated one-on-one support, and scheduled quarterly customer review conversation are offered.

Through the bi-yearly Customer Advisory Board meetings, client input is gathered for the product development road map.

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