The Assessment module of PrivacyPerfect holds extensive functionality and built-in automation for pre-assessments, complete data protection impact assessments, legitimate interest assessments, and for collaboration on these records.


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Determine and minimise risks.

Perform pre-assessments

Ready-made framework to perform pre-assessments in order to determine if a full DPIA is necessary. The three main criteria for this are that of Article 35, that of the EDPB, and the criteria of the applicable supervisory authority. Based on these, automation helps to determine whether a DPIA is needed for a project.

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Ensure compliance. Protect your organisational reputation.

Carry out full Data Protection Impact Assessments

Manage and streamline the ever growing number of assessments and legal requirements with PrivacyPerfect. Follow a pre-defined framework based on the EDPB guidelines to identify where, and why your practices are not in line with the GDPR. Determine risks and associated mitigating measures: regarding necessity and proportionality of the processing, data subject rights, security controls, threats and impacts, as well as accountability.

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Work together efficiently.

Collaborate with ease via DPIA Light

While our smart DPIA module makes the life of privacy professionals with a legal background significantly easier,  it can be seen as too sophisticated for business users, such as representatives of the HR or Marketing departments. That’s why we have decided to develop an additional feature for this module: the DPIA light! The free feature aims to close the gap further between the privacy professional and business users by providing an optional view that shows a much simpler, and less legal-heavy framework of the DPIA module. Additionally, the information asked from a business user for an assessment can be tailored to exactly what is needed from them.

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LIAs. Balancing test.

Perform Legitimate Interest Assessments

The Legitimate Interest assessment (LIA) designed by PrivacyPerfect, provides users an indication whether they have a legitimate interest or not based on Article 6 paragraph 1(f) of the GDPR. The assessment consists of 3 parts, the legitimate interest, the necessity and the proportionality test (balancing test), each with its own set of questions. Risks are automatically linked to the answers you provide, and the legitimate interest assessment is fully integrated with other modules, such as the Processing Inventory and Assessment Manager.

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Tailor the assessment module to your needs

What information is required from departments to assess a project often differs organisation to organisation due to differences in sector or size. For this reason, we have made our DPIA module customisable and scalable, so that it can fit individual needs the best way possible. 

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Use advanced reports.

Easily identify, mitigate, and report on potential risks ahead of time

Manage stakeholders' contributions in the assessment process, leverage automation to identify risks ahead of time and put necessary, recommended mitigating measures in place. Create advanced custom reports, highlighting your path to compliance.