Compliance software for DPO consultancies &
independent DPOs

Scale up your business, reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and make the daily tasks of your consultants easier.

Does any of the below sound familiar?

There just never seems to be enough hours in a working day, and your team is often working at full capacity.
It's challenging when each client’s privacy programs are managed in different formats and tools.
You want a sustainable business where your income source and stability of your consultants are not compromised on a monthly basis.
Communication with clients is often just a back-and-forth, and it's hard to demonstrate the extensiveness and effectiveness of your work.
Every client wants something different, and you strive for flexibility and for tailoring your services to the individuals needs of clients.
Your DPIA services are also popular among clients, at the same time, carrying out DPIAs is complex and time-consuming.

Empower your business with PrivacyPerfect


Join our program as a DPO as a Service provider to get access to our easy-to-use, flexible, secure, and scalable solution, trainings, templates, libraries, and become the business that organisations seek out for the management of their entire privacy program. 

Why choose PrivacyPerfect to service your clients?


We are offering our state of the art solution for an affordable price so that your organisation can

serve multiple clients, can start off small, or at any level you are comfortable at, and scale up easily and quickly. 

Help grow your business

Save a significant amount of time through carrying out data protection tasks for all your clients significantly more efficiently via our software solution, allowing you to spend more time on scaling up your business faster.

Reduce costs

Reduce labour, hosting, and software costs by handling all client services from within one, secure, easy-to-use, automated privacy solution. Leverage our business model that provides incentive to grow your business, reducing your costs further. 

Serve your clients better

Get the input you need from your clients for DPIAs directly in the software through a Light version, that poses questions for each necessary field in a non-legal, non-jargon, straightforward manner. Handle the data subject requests of organisations in hours, not weeks.

Make the life of your consultants easier

Simplify compliance processes through our exclusive role and sector specific templates, including hundreds of the most common types of processing (i.e. HR processings, processings for Educational institutions, etc.). 

Secure client data and information

Divide tasks and collaborate with your colleagues on a client’s compliance from within the software – no more linked spreadsheets. Using our ISO-certified solution, communication with and about clients is done in a much more secure manner.

A solution made for DPO as Service

PrivacyPerfect's  dedicated solution caters to the specific needs of DPO as a Service providers. Assist multiple clients' privacy administration from one platform, catering to all compliance tasks, without having to switch between various tools.

See how PrivacyPerfect can help your DPO as a Service business

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Key Modules of the PrivacyPerfect Solution