By 2023, 65% of the world’s population will have its personal information covered

under modern privacy regulations, up from 10% today. *Source: Gartner



Growing together


As the processing of personal data on a large scale, and with that, the importance of privacy compliance is becoming a crucial standard for many organisations, so does the need for smart solutions.

Through our partnership programs, we want to cooperate with organisations where both parties can provide clear value for the long term, and see a vision in the rapidly growing privacy market. 

We offer three types of partnerships, for DPO Service providers, for resellers, and for organisations that would like to refer our solution to their client and prospect base.

We cooperate primarily with law firms, consultancy firms, external DPOs, software companies, and accountancy firms. 


PrivacyPerfect Partnership programs

Empower your organisation by becoming a PrivacyPerfect partner, creating long-term, mutually beneficial business partnerships which help grow your business, allows you to extend your portfolio and contributes to increasing the satisfaction of your clients.


For DPO Service Providers

Help grow your business, through saving a significant amount of time on your daily manual tasks, being able to extend your capacity
Collaborate & serve your clients better by dedicating tasks, communicating, and getting the input you need from your clients for DPIAs directly in the software.
→  Make your daily tasks quicker and easier, assisting multiple clients' privacy administration from one automated platform, catering to all compliance tasks, without having to switch between various tools.


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For Resellers

Expand your business offering, by including PrivacyPerfect's proven privacy compliance solution in your portfolio.
Receive a margin commission after every sale of the PrivacyPerfect software. Actively market, promote and sell, and be the first point of contact for clients and continuously support them as needed. 
Training and certification tailored to your organisation and prospect base, including marketing materials and visibility and promotion of your services on PrivacyPerfect's website. 


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For Referrals

Act as an Ambassador to PrivacyPerfect and actively promote and market the solution when asked for advice on a compliance software. 
Receive a margin commission after every sale of the PrivacyPerfect software solution to referred leads. Refer the solution to potential warm leads, including your prospects and client base.
→  All necessary information, tooling, and trainings are available in order to make sure that you are able to recommend our solution with all knowledge and credibility at hand. 


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Why partner with PrivacyPerfect?

Proven solution

PrivacyPerfect as company, as well as our software solution, has a proven track record of excellence on an international market for nearly a decade now. 

Business approach

We pride ourselves in our customer-centric approach in all we do. Whether you would be using our solution or be referring it, you can be sure that our clients' needs will always come first.


All of our onboarding, training, and certification programs are tailored to the needs of our clients and partners to ensure that both parties get the most out of our cooperation.

Marketing benefits

Depending on our agreement,  joint marketing lead generation campaigns are possible to promote both of our organisations, together.

Operational benefits

All relevant information and materials will be shared with you that you can freely communicate towards your prospect and client base. 


We don't believe in one size fits all. That's why we make sure that each of our partnerships are tailored to provide clear values.


Become PrivacyPerfect CertifiedBadge

Become PrivacyPerfect certified through our partner program and be comfortable recommending our solution to your clients.  If you are interested in learning more about the PrivacyPerfect certification, please reach out to us at






Let's grow together!

Please get in touch with us to apply or learn more about our partnership programs.



Our Partners





Timelex is the GDPR partner for numerous multinationals, governments and organisations in Europe and beyond. On top of supporting compliance with the registration requirement, Timelex experts also offer DPO services, awareness trainings and advice, including on the interpretation of the rights of data subjects as well as composing data protection impact assessments.
+32 2 893 20 95



Just as with a financial administration, the implementation of your privacy administration also requires special attention in order for it to properly adapt to your organisation and your processes. Privacy Management Partners helps you to get to know, use and configure the application and, if necessary, familiarises itself with the privacy concepts and the privacy-related legal answers to your processes.
+31 085 401 38 66

DPIA_beeldmerk is an (Dutch) online platform with information about DPIA’s. On you will find information about current developments, providers of products and services and models and input if you want to perform a DPIA yourself.



The GDPR comes with a lot of obligations. Do you comply? Or are you still unsure about something? PrivacyTeam would like to help you! PrivacyTeam offers all support concerning privacy. From a personal Data Protection Officer, GDPR training courses, internal support in setting up your privacy process, to carrying out DPIA’s and audits.



PrivacyMinders is a Cyprus consultancy firm providing customized data protection and security services including DPO and EU Representative services. We help organizations comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and create a secure environment for personal data within the organizations. Our approach combines the data security principle with the other data protection principles and integrates them into the organizations’ practices and activities. We aim at supporting organizations to be committed in sustaining compliance and creating a culture of risk awareness and respect of personal data.
 +357 248 125 81 82



The consulting company Beluga offers solutions for their clients tailored to their expectations and realities for more than ten years. Attempting to understand real needs and focusing on addressing specific issues in the context of the whole organisation is a proven approach of the company to management consulting aimed at improving business performance and for consulting and audit services to manage IT risks, information security, data protection in relation with GDPR and privacy in line with other regulatory requirements.

+421 2/209 069 55






We make your legal management easy. With our online Legal Support Desk we support your use of PrivacyPerfect by taking care of all the relevant legal administration.

You can contact Jan-Willem Prakke at

or call +31683623708


CoreLogo_Strapline (1)

At Core, we are dedicated to helping businesses transform through implementing the right technology solutions. To our customers, we are a trusted partner working closely to design and develop Microsoft solutions to positively impact their organisation.


Wings Privacy Consultancy logo

With a longstanding and diverse career at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, complex data processes in an international environment hold little secrets for me. As the former Data Protection Officer of KLM responsible for GDPR implementation, I know the
intricacies’ of privacy compliance within said very complex processes. That applies for all kind of personal data, like customer data, employee data, third party data. It is with that knowledge and experience, that I started an independent privacy consultancy: Wings Privacy Consultancy, primarily focusing on aviation/travel and international global organizations. Combining the (technical) capabilities of PrivacyPerfect with my expertise, I am sure we can help you with any privacy concern you may have. Make your privacy concerns our challenge.




Quodata Privacy Services offers (legal) expert advice and training in the field of privacy and data protection. We help our clients with the configuration and use of PrivacyPerfect - at the same time embedding and enhancing privacy awareness within their organisation.
+31 6 190 195 50









 ICT Recht is an international law firm specialized in ICT/IT, privacy, and intellectual property law. With over 10 years of experience in the field, we are perfectly equipped to advise you about contracts, intellectual property, privacy compliance and other legal subjects relevant to the Internet and IT.
For more information please contact
Koen van Jaarsveld +31 (0)6 42 02 72 88