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Serving over 2000 users of world-renowned organisations daily, our ambition is to contribute to a world where people trust businesses through offering organisations an easy-to-use software for compliance. 

With nearly a decade of experience on an international market, PrivacyPerfect is used by both SMEs and market-leading organisations for easy privacy compliance. While 80% of PrivacyPerfect’s clients are now from the Western-European market, large and small organisations from all over the world have trusted the company with their privacy compliance tooling. From Japan through Dubai, PrivacyPerfect has been able to tailor and localise its services to the market needs of each client.

PrivacyPerfect has extensive experience with organisations from the Information Technology, Finance, Leisure, Retail, Transport, Telecommunications, Education, Public, Consultancy, Legal Services, and Healthcare sectors.

PrivacyPerfect prides itself in providing flexible, tailored support to clients, and makes sure each request is met with quick and easy solutions. Besides onboarding sessions, free monthly trainings, dedicated one-on-one support, and scheduled quarterly customer review conversation are offered. Through the bi-yearly Customer Advisory Board meetings, client input is gathered for the product development road map.


Hear it first-hand

Pon Holdings Success Story


Pon is a Dutch international trade company. It's a Dutch conglomerate active in the automotive industry, equipment and power, bicycle industry and industrial mobility.

Pon runs a European privacy program for all its European operational companies. We do a lot of risk assessments there. Based on those we decide what the risk appetite is, and from there we will decide the mitigating measures.

We engage the business with privacy requirements and we help them to comply to that. But the sole responsibility of implementing all the right measures is a business responsibility.

I really like working with PrivacyPerfect. It’s a flexible tool and provides even more than what I expected.


- Rence Damming, Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer


Secure Logistics Success Story


Secure Logistics is a community platform. What we do is issue a sort of ID card that uses biometrics. We can guarantee the identity and competences of persons the moment they get access to a company.

We have appointed a Privacy Officer because we store a lot of personal data in our company, and began the practice of data minimisation.

We have modified our own software for privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default and therefore, we have purchased the PrivacyPerfect tool because we also enter many data processing agreements with other parties.

- Frank Hozeman, Country Product Manager

Validata Group Success Story


My role, being ultimately responsible, includes among others risk mitigation of processed data as well.  We do have a DPO, but I also oversee the process at the end of the spectrum as we hope to help our clients with trust and integrity.

With PrivacyPerfect we can comply more clearly with the GDPR because it allows us to test within the system whether what we do with the data is correct. There needs to be a balance between the way that data is processed and what companies can do with it. So, you use it as a USP and make sure you comply with this regulation. PrivacyPerfect supports this perfectly.”

- Harm Voogt, founder and CEO