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We have collected the most frequently asked questions regarding PrivacyPerfect.


What kind of activities can I do in PrivacyPerfect?

Our privacy solution enables your organisation to enter and assess relevant privacy records, including processing activities, assessments, data breaches, and data subject requests, and ensures the proper handling of personal data in your organisation. 

Yes, we offer a 14-days free trial and free guided demos of the solution.

We also have a ForeverFree version that you can use.

At the moment, we offer discounts to public organisations. We are also happy to provide a discount in terms of advance payment or in case of a subscription of more than one year. 

Please get in touch for further information.

Each new user in PrivacyPerfect receives an account activation e-mail. By clicking the Get Started button, you go to a web page on which you are asked to provide your first name, your last name and a password.

Enter the password twice. A password strength indicator provides information on how safe the password is. Once you have entered and confirmed this information, you can log into the system by providing your user name (equal to your e-mail address) and the password you have chosen.

You can login through the URL of your particular PrivacyPerfect tenant:, where you replace ‘prefix’ with your organisation’s tenant name. Please note that, due to security reasons, you have to register within 8 hours after receiving the e-mail.

On the login page, please click the I forgot my password button and enter your user email address. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

Product Specific

Add all the processors and subprocessors in the Processor field. Use drag and drop to move the subprocessor of choice to the right under the main processor.

You probably assigned the record a status as Provisional or Requested. This means a privacy officer has to approve or reject it. Once that is done, you can edit it again.

Take care of a proper hierarchical setup of your organisation in the Environment page, and add users to the organisation entities they actually work for. Business users can only see privacy records shared with the organisation entity that they are part of themselves. Privacy officers can also see privacy records that are shared with organisation entities hierarchically below their own.

You may check the following steps:

  • Have you already activated your account? After receiving the invitation mail, you should activate your account within eight hours. If you forget your password, you can request a new one.
  • Does your account still exist? If you request a new password and do not receive a password reset mail, please check your junk mail folder. If there is no e-mail there, contact your local administrator to ask if your account still exists.
  • If the email to activate your account or reset your password does not show any PrivacyPerfect page in your browser, a firewall may prevent the traffic between your email client and our servers. In that case, please contact your local administrator.

In case you require assistance please do reach out at

PrivacyPerfect is based on ‘building blocks’ such as personal data items and data sources. These are shared across your tenant in order to keep data aligned. The same is not valid for privacy records; these are only shared following specific rules depending on organisation hierarchy and user roles.

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