With the Data breach register module of PrivacyPerfect, your organisation can comply with the GDPR through keeping a register of both reported and unreported security incidents.

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Be prepared.

Inventory security incidents

Using a proper inventory tool such as PrivacyPerfect, the assessment, management and notification of data breaches becomes significantly easier, when and if they occur.

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Know what each breach means for you

Receive guidance on breach consequences

Draw from built-in, existing data processing inventories to determine the potential consequences of a breach. Use these assets and determine, on a central level, whether an incident needs to be reported to the supervisory authority and the concerned data subject.

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Get all the information you need.

Communicate with stakeholders from within the software

In the case of a breach, you might need to get in touch with other internal stakeholders. This can be easily done from within the PrivacyPerfect software. You can also store your records of notifications to data subjects or supervisory authorities, as well as the reasons not to notify. 

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Utilise workflows.

Create your workflow

With PrivacyPerfect, you can embed the workflow of incident and data breach inventory inside your organisation. 

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Make tailored reports.

Easy reporting

As the format in which data breaches should be reported differ by each respective supervisory authority, reports created on data breaches are fully configurable and customisable with PrivacyPerfect.