Exclusive webinar: Extraterritorial scope of the GDPR - Are you in or are you out?

Date: Tue, Mar 26, 2019 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CET
Language: English

This webinar will analyse Article 3 of GDPR, focusing on the clarifications made by the EDPB. Get to know everything about the practical issues that organisations should consider and learn about specific examples of GDPR’s reach and impact in non-EEA markets.   

Learn all about PrivacyPerfect and the GDPR

In the demo videos we will show you how to create a privacy landscape, register a DPIA and processing activity, and more using PrivacyPerfect.

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The webinar is available in four languages: English, Dutch, Spanish and French. Pick the date that suits you best and we will do the rest.

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21 Mar
11:00 am CE(S)T
21 Mar / 11:00 am CE(S)T
Language: French

Learn more about our one-stop GDPR compliance solution

Join us for a 30-min webinar! With our easy-to-use solution, we help your organization administrate all of your privacy records, such as processing, assessments and data breaches.

We want to help your organization to comply with GDPR.

26 Mar
03:00 pm CE(S)T
26 Mar / 03:00 pm CE(S)T
Language: Dutch

Learn more about our one-stop GDPR compliance solution

Join us for a 30-min webinar! With our easy-to-use solution, we help your organization administrate all of your privacy records, such as processing, assessments and data breaches.

We want to help your organization to comply with GDPR.

What’s PrivacyPerfect

What’s PrivacyPerfect?

PrivacyPerfect is the ultimate GDPR compliance software. It provides a natural flow between three administrations required by the new Regulation: data protection impact assessments, processings activities (including transfers), and data breaches (including breach notifications to supervisory authorities and data subjects). 

Your organisation should conform to many GDPR requirements. These include meeting controller and processor obligations, fulfilling data subject rights and complying with supervisory authorities’ requests. Our tool enables your organisation to enter and assess relevant privacy records and promote them through the ‘privacy funnel’. 



Assessment: If the processing activity triggers a high risk for the data subject, perform an assessment


Processings: Maintain records of processing activities


Breaches: Notify the supervisory authority and the data subjects in case of a data breach


Dashboard: The Dashboard page lists notifications, tasks and profile settings. It also shows permissions per role.


For privacy officers: PrivacyPerfect has been developed specifically to support (chief) privacy officers in their activities. The system lets them determine the legal processing ground and its justification (goal), provides insight into all data processings and enables them to decide on the processings’ legitimacy.


Reports: PrivacyPerfect lets you report on virtually any aspect of your assessments or processing records. For instance, choose a processing ground such as ‘consent of the data subject’ and show all processing records using that ground.


Legal ground: Each processing is connected to a legal processing ground within the applicable legal framework.


Graphical overview: PrivacyPerfect uses visualisation techniques to show how personal data are being collected, stored, used and shared within and outside your organisation.


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In the previous blogpost, we talked about the preparatory phase of creating a GDPR compliance program for your organisation. Now it is time for the next step: the execution of the plan. In this blogpost, we will give you tips about how you can roll out a successful GDPR privacy compliance program within your organisation. 

Often the best way to tackle complicated matters is to make it fun. Because, the show must go on. Therefore, here are 8 essential tips to become and stay compliant with the GDPR if you don’t want to be the next one biting the dust. 

Rotterdam, February 18, 2019 - In the past three years, privacy software company PrivacyPerfect added many customers all over Europe and beyond. Today, the company announces the appointment of Sander Schoneveld as its new CEO. In this role, Sander will help to grow the business further across Europe in line with the existing growth strategy. Evert de Pender, who has been at the helm of the company since 2015, will remain on the company’s Board.

Before the enforcement of the GDPR in May 2018, not many organisations were aware of the GDPR. However, this regulation has affected businesses worldwide and has drastically changed the way in which organisations collect, store and use data. Since the GDPR has been in force for a while now, the urgency for an effective privacy compliance program is higher than ever. In this blogpost series, we will explain in detail how to create, to execute and to communicate a successful GDPR privacy compliance program within your organisation.

Impact assessments are essentially risk management tools, whether they are concerned with the environment, society, business, or personal data. In case of personal data, Article 35 of the GDPR requires controllers to conduct a data protection impact assessment (“DPIA”) prior to undertaking processing activities that are likely to pose high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons. This is essentially a holistic risk assessment taking into account the nature, scope, context and purposes of the processing. 

Our clients

PrivacyPerfect's current customer base includes leading players in various sectors such as aviation, banking, government, insurance, retail, telecom but also small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

PVH Europe

Mathilde Fabre, Privacy Officer
Anny Ho, Legal Consultant

Validata Group

Harm Voogt, founder and CEO 


Content available in English.

Until a year ago, many people had not even heard about the GDPR.

Trying to get a company into preparing for this new legislation used to be quite hard, simply because there was no sense of urgency outside the ‘inner circle’ of data protection officers.

Now that the GDPR has been in force for a while, the urgency for an effective privacy compliance program has only increased

Executing a data protection impact assessment (or DPIA in short) is an important aspect of an organisation’s accountability obligations under the GDPR.

This whitepaper describes the steps your organisation can take in order to assess the requirement for a data protection impact assessment under the GDPR, as well as the steps to conduct a DPIA.

This white paper describes the steps your organisation can take in order to prepare for and handle data breach notifications under the GDPR. Articles 33 and 34 specify the cases in which your organisation has to register a breach, notify it to the supervisory authority or communicate it to the data subject (the natural persons affected by the breach).

Free GDPR guide

The GDPR is complex, yes, but desperation never helped anyone to get further in life. Therefore, in this guide, we provide a seven-step scheme to help you become GDPR compliant.

We won’t claim it’s easy, but it’s doable. To provide you with more insight, we have drafted an infographic showing the internal and external stakeholders and sources needed for inventory purposes.

This 5-minute animation video offers a quick tour of the PrivacyPerfect GDPR compliance solution, including administration of processing records and assessment records.

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